IT Job Interview

Congratulations, youíve gotten an interview. Now what do you do?

1. Many IT job interviews start with a phone interview. Be sure to be at a quiet place for the interview, answer your phone promptly, and speak clearly. If you donít understand a question, ask for clarification.

2. If it is an in-person interview, take plenty of paper resume copies.

3. Dress appropriately. The clothing worn by employees may be casual, but you should wear a business suit for the interview.

4. Research the company ahead of time, so you know some about what products they have and what systems they use. Then think of your experience with the same or similar systems.

5. Find the interview location before the day, so you can be sure to be on time.

6. Be friendly to everyone you meet. If the interviewer takes you around to meet IT team members, shake their hands and say hello, and answer any questions they have.

7. Tell the interviewer about instances where you handled a system failure, or enhanced a system, or whatever you have done to save or make money for a company.

8. Also be prepared to talk about teams that you have worked on. For many companies, the ability to work on a team is essential.

9. Have a list of software that you are expert in, so you wonít forget a critical one.

10. You may be asked to demonstrate efficiency with software, so be ready.

11. Thank the person for the interview and ask when you will know about the job.

12. Send a note to repeat your thanks.

Last Updated: 07/28/2014